Once a cheater, always a cheater. How true is this cliché? Sadly, very true. Suspecting that your spouse is cheating on you can be a very challenging experience. Not knowing whether or not your suspicions are accurate is every bit as challenging as the emotions you experience at this very difficult time. Bottom line – if your spouse has cheated before then there is a good chance he or she is cheating all over again. There are specific warning signs you should look for if you suspect your spouse of cheating. The presence of these warning sides is a sure indication that it’s time to hire a private investigator to confirm your unfortunate suspicions.


If, in fact, your spouse is cheating on you there will be obvious warning signs that you will take note of including:

  1. Changes in their typical behavior, including emotional detachment and loss of interest in regular physical activities;
  2. Sudden excess cell phone activities and obsessions;
  3. Excessive online activities and use of computer late at night;
  4. Unexplained, miscellaneous transactions on credit cards;
  5. Odd car habits such as unexplained mileage and excess gas fill ups; and
  6. Unexplained excessive time away from home.

If your spouse is displaying a combination of these warning signs, then your suspicions are probably accurate. However, obtaining the proof you need is not something you can easily and effectively do on your own, which is why hiring a private investigator should be your very next step. A private investigator is highly trained and experienced in surveillance techniques that are remarkably useful in catching the cheater and providing the necessary facts and proof to convince a court of your suspicions.


Surely the average person when they come to the realization that their spouse is cheating, typically turns to divorce, and rightfully so. Divorce proceedings can be every bit challenging as they are emotional which is why you want to be certain to have absolute proof of your suspicions and accusations. A private investigator performs all activities and research confidentially and reports back to his client on a regular basis. In addition, they can perform a financial investigation as well in the case of the spouse who is hiding assets and other monies, all important data necessary for your successful divorce proceedings.


With the advancements in technology today, private investigators are able to conduct innovative searches in their efforts to acquire proof of cheating activities. There is a wide range of advanced technologies that can be used by your private investigator to obtain pertinent information and vivid proof of their cheating behaviors. Here are some of the most informative technologies used by private investigators today.

  1. Computers/Emails – With the use of sophisticated spy software programs that are available today, the professional investigator is able to collect information from social media platforms without the need for usernames or passwords.
  2. Cell Phones and Texts – There are new state of the art software programs that can be installed on the subjects phone for the purpose of tracking their location at all times and monitoring messages exchanged via text messaging.
  3. Nanny Cams – The nanny cam is one of the most effective and efficient tools used by private investigators today. Since they are not easily noticed and detected, they are installed in the homes to collect video information and data about the suspected cheater.
  4. History App – A smart app indeed, the history app accomplishes just that – a tracking and compilation of the history of activities performed on a cell phone. It stores addresses and browsing histories automatically and is an innovative smart app used for surveillance.
  5. Contact Spy – This app when properly stored in a phone can provide the real identity of contacts that are stored as well as their location. Even if your spouse has stored a contact under a fake name, this remarkable software program is capable of finding the accurate information about the contract, thereby making the identity known about those people your spouse is spending time with as well as the location of these individuals.

Using each of these advanced technologies allows private investigators to search out and collect informative data that will be extremely useful in court at the time of your divorce proceedings.


If your spouse has been acting a bit strange and somewhat distanced of late, there is a good chance you are a victim of a cheating spouse. However, having facts that confirm your suspicions is important to you and, if applicable, to your divorce proceedings. With that said, catching a cheater with a private investigator is the only way to go. Having to endure the emotions that naturally occur from a cheating spouse is difficult enough without having to worry yourself about finding and collecting proof of your spouse’s infidelity. A private investigator has all the resources, tools, experience and know how for accomplishing this difficult task and will certainly provide you with the confidence and peace of mind you deserve when you walk into a courtroom with absolute facts in hand. Contact our experienced team today and leave the worry to us!