cyber crime surveillance system

Cybercrime is a billion-dollar industry. Like other sectors, it is also an evolving one. Rather than creating new viruses, malicious actors are launching more sophisticated and financially rewarding cyberattacks. That’s not all. The industry is becoming increasingly accessible to wannabe hackers and small-time scammers who can buy cheap hacking tools off the dark web.

In the past, most criminals had little motivation or education. Nowadays, there is a new breed of criminal that is intelligent, educated and knows their way around a computer. These people are tough to find since they often live in another country and only access your accounts and information from long distances over the internet.

This has brought about a new type of security company that focuses on stopping these thieves from entering your home or business from afar. If the thought of cyber crime surveillance has ever crossed your mind, you may want to take action sooner rather than later.

How can cyber crime surveillance systems protect you?

Internet surveillance, the surreptitious monitoring of online behaviors – from the ecommerce and banking sites you visit to the products you buy, transactions you perform, videos you watch and social media sites you spend time on – is a blatant invasion of your privacy. Not to mention, significant material damage can result from this crime.

A cybercrime surveillance system can comprise both software and services that protect against identity theft and cyber-attacks. A cyber security plan includes a number of essential safeguards that detect breaches early, prevent malicious software already on your system from executing their attack, and monitor continuously for immediate alerts for potential compromises.

Here is a look at the essential cybercrime surveillance software different groups of consumers need.

Keystroke encryption software

Imagine if everything on your computer or mobile phone was visible to someone operating another computer. Or worse, visible to many users on the internet.

Recorded keystrokes are the warning bells of a cybercrime waiting to happen. This type of cyber surveillance occurs through a malicious program known as a keylogger. The program can be installed on your computer by:

  • anyone with access to your computer
  • installing an application
  • clicking on an infected file attachment, link on a webpage or text message
  • using a P2P network
  • a jealous spouse attempting to monitor your virtual interactions

This threat is a main component in cyber-attacks and identity theft. Keyloggers steal everything you type as you enter data including passwords into a PC or mobile device.

Keystroke encryption software defends your systems by blocking the keylogger, which may otherwise go undetected. It prevents both financial and reputational damage that can occur.

Identity theft protection

Millions of Americans fall prey to identity theft every year. The goal behind stealing identities is usually to withdraw money, make payments or take out loans. An identity theft protection plan offers dark web monitoring, alerts on suspicious activities such as fraud alert or credit card activity, credit alerts, fully managed recovery and a personal identity theft coverage policy.

  • Your identity information is monitored on the dark web, and you receive an instant alert if your information is found online.
  • A proficient identity restoration team can help you navigate the incident and put your life back in order.
  • Depending on your plan, you could receive reimbursement ranging from $25,000 to $1 million.

If you pay your bills, shop and make registrations online, you’re at a high risk of identity theft. Often, ID theft is discovered after the damage. Victims have to wrap their head around what happened before seeking out professional help. A lot of time and energy is wasted before qualified intervention can begin resolving the issue. A proactive stance is helpful in mitigating the consequences of ID theft.

Identity theft protection as an employee benefit

HR departments are increasingly including ID theft protection as an employee benefit. It not only safeguards each individual employee but also the organization.

When an employee’s personal data is compromised, the attack can infect the organization’s network and amplify its adverse impact. ID theft protection enables organizations to respond rapidly to an attack. It also informs employees and key decision-maker of the incident.

An employee ID theft protection plan can include the same safeguards as personal ID theft protection, with the added benefit of keystroke encryption software. As an example, your employees register credit cards, driver’s license or other important documents with your provider. If this data finds its way to the dark web, then the immediate notification will spring both the employee and you into action to manage the issue quickly and effectively.

Get Cyber Crime Surveillance & Protection Today

There are so many different ways for hackers to enter your computer. It’s best to have a cyber crime surveillance company monitor all of the actions in your business on a regular basis. This is especially true if you have account numbers of charge cards and other valuable data stored in your system. Hackers could exploit that and cost your company millions in damages and lawsuits that could bankrupt any company of any size.

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