Richard “Bo” Dietl weighs in on the legislation changes in New York in an opinion piece on the Daily Caller.

New Yorkers are weeks away from sweeping changes to their criminal justice system. A series of laws passed by the state legislature will take effect Jan. 1, 2020. The legislation concerns bail reform and new requirements related to the collection of evidence and the process of a speedy trial.

These laws will vastly and widely impact law enforcement and crime in New York, and not for the better. While well-intentioned, these measures will make New York City revert to the dire state of the 1970s, which some of us personally remember and some may associate with the 1979 film “The Warriors.”

From a public safety perspective, the new laws are a nightmare. Allowing criminals to be free and roaming the streets will only accelerate crime and send New York City back to the “bad old days” when lawlessness was rampant. I worked the streets as a detective when the city regularly saw thousands of homicides per year. In the 35 years since I’ve been retired, I am glad that crime has gone down significantly and the city has become one of the safest large cities on the planet. Politicians are making laws that can reverse decades of progress.

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