Are you looking to find a certain someone, but are unsure how to go about gathering pertinent information that can potentially lead you to that person? Then put your worries aside and reach out to our highly reputable, very reliable and dependable private investigative services for all your personal needs.

Private investigators rely heavily upon the regular use of public records to gather preliminary information about individuals. In many cases, the use of public records is not only the quickest, but the easiest way to locate a person. Searching public records is the very first step any private investigator takes when performing important research. The use of the public record system is beneficial to a private investigator’s search process and more often than not provides the resources and tools needed to track and find your missing person.

The Savvy Private Investigator

1. During a client’s initial consultation with a private investigator, important baseline information is gathered. A client typically has enough valuable information about the individual which provides an effective starting point for the investigator’s people search. Such information as names, aliases, birth dates, and even employment information is shared with a private investigator during the initial client meeting. This pertinent information ensures that the private investigator does not spend unnecessary hours searching for information that is easily available to the client thereby wasting valuable time and incurring unnecessary expenses.

2. Depending upon the baseline information that is gathered during the initial consult, private investigators are able to determine which record systems may be more beneficial to their specific search than others. To explain this further, if the ‘missing person’ has never been married then surely a private investigator would not find it useful or beneficial to perform a search of the public record sites for divorces. However, if the investigator is seeking additional information about the individual they will definitely search out other public record sites such as those with a focal point on liens, judgments, property deeds and probate matters. If the individual you are in search of has any type of a past criminal record, private investigators will seek out and search the court criminal records in their efforts to locate valuable information about the individual. Each of these sites is readily available online for private investigators to search and scrutinize and, in their own way, provides useful information that will ultimately lead to the finding of the person you are hoping to find.

3. Most private investigators find it especially helpful and very effective to search in an aggregate account rather than to spend long hours searching through individual websites or records. Those aggregate sites have databases that compile and store information from a wide range of public records sources in one online location. These online locations are remarkably easy to access and every bit as easy and friendly to peruse. The use of these specialized databases allows a private investigator to obtain a full picture in one search of the individual’s life and situations rather than having to spend time searching out individual documents located on varied sites and in varied resources.

4. In this day and age, every person on this earth has some sort of a digital presence that can be sought out and researched. Private investigators who have an extensive background in technology are able to learn a great deal about an individual by using his/her tech savvy ways to narrow down varied social media postings made by any one individual to a single IP address. The discovery of this IP address allows a private investigator to become more acquainted with the personal habits and the overall personality of an individual. In addition, social media platforms and other types of online transactions performed by an individual can provide information to the private investigator that your typical public records sources do not.


In addition to the expansive aggregate databases, private investigators depend upon news archives, DMV records and even an individual’s trash to gather pertinent information about the person and about the whereabouts of that person. Each of these additional search tools is critical to the successful investigation process and can contribute greatly to a successful end result.
With all these resources and tools so readily available, locating a person is not only possible, but actually quite easy for the skilled private investigator who knows how to be creative but concise in their investigative search. The professional skill, experience, and know how of many a savvy private investigator makes it nearly impossible for any person to ‘go missing’ nowadays.


If you are trying to locate a special someone, regardless of your motives, then surely contracting the services of a reputable private investigator is the ideal solution for you. Call us today and put all your personal search needs into the hands of the industry’s absolute best and let us provide you with the security, confidentiality, and peace of mind you need. You’ll be glad you did!