Workers Compensation claimant fraud is one of the most common and popular frauds. This is also something an employer is a great position in order to assist with uncovering. The claimant fraud typically occurs when an employee lies knowingly in order to receive benefits. This can mean claiming an injury happened at work when it wasn’t. Or exaggerating about a minor injury or even continuing to work while at the same time collecting on the benefits.

Fortunately, an employer does not have to spy from a dark alley or use secret cameras to stop from becoming a victim. Businesses can take advantage of private investigation services to assist with this type of fraud.

Reasons To Hire a Private Investigator To Uncover Fraudulent Workers Compensation Claims

Private investigators are trained individuals that are able to deal with fraudulent behavior such as workers compensation claims. These professionals make use of the necessary tools to assist in uncovering fraud as well as providing admissible evidence in a court of law. The main goal when it comes to investigating worker compensation claims is to discover any possibilities of fraud. When it comes to uncovering a fraudulent compensation claim, fast action is critical before any evidence is destroyed.

What Methods Private Investigators Use To Uncover Workers Compensation Fraud

Research and Interviews

Fraud investigators for workers compensation claims can interview family, friends and work colleagues to find out if there is a possibility of fraud as well as the extent of the fraud.

Records Research and Background Checks

Investigations into Workers Compensation fraud can include checking up on employment records, medical records and any other records of significance. These investigations may include running background checks in order to establish if this worker has claimed for other compensations in the past.


Investigators also make use of video, audio and any other type of surveillance in order to determine the validity of the worker’s injury.

Evidence Gathering

Private investigators can collect evidence if they happen to discover insurance fraud that is associated with workers compensation. These processes can assist businesses and employers to prosecute for fraud and to cut out the illegitimate Workers Compensation claims.