interview private investigator

There are many situations where you may need to hire a private investigator. Many people need help finding a missing person while others want to catch a potentially cheating spouse. Regardless of the scenario, you want to hire the best person for the job, and that requires interviewing multiple investigators to see who is the right fit for you.

Key Questions To Ask an Investigator

Are You Insured?

Your private investigator should have his or her own insurance. Anything can happen over the course of work. The investigator could sustain a serious injury. Without insurance, you could be held liable. You never want to risk hiring an uninsured investigator.

Are You Licensed?

Another important question to ask involves seeing whether the investigator is licensed. All states have their own requirements for licensing private investigators.

How Long Have You Worked as a PI?

You should have a good sense of how long the investigator has worked for. Ideally, you want an investigator who has been around the block a few times. These experienced investigators have formed connections and will be better equipped to help you.

What Is Your Background and Areas of Expertise?

Once you know how many years the investigator has worked for, you can dive deeper into his or her background. You should ask about the investigative services they offer and whether he or she has worked your type of case before. You can also go into how the PI plans on tackling your specific case.

What Hours Do You Work?

You should never hire a private investigator who works Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Criminals and cheating spouses carry out misdeeds any time of day, so you want someone who is available around the clock. You need someone who is flexible enough to work nights and weekends.

How Will You Guarantee Confidentiality?

Most people will not want it to get out to the general public they hired a private investigator. All private investigators will say your confidentiality is guaranteed, but you want to ensure there is a plan. Ask the PI how he or she plans on keeping your identity secret.

However, you should keep in mind there may be circumstances where a PI has no choice but to reveal your identity. For example, in court, a judge may require the PI to reveal certain details of a case.

What Actions Are You Not Allowed To Do?

You want to be mindful your PI will stick with the law. There are actions private investigators cannot take. By law, investigators cannot obtain cell phone records through pre-texting, wiretap and pose as police officers. Asking this question allows you to know your PI understands the limitations of the job.

Do You Have Work References?

Your PI should be able to provide at least three references he or she has provided services for. You can then reach out to these people to see whether they were satisfied with the services they received. You will get honest feedback.

How Should We Contact One Another?

You may still live with the person you are investigating. You may not want the PI to contact you by phone because that could alert the other person to what you are doing. You want to make sure you work out another arrangement.

Will You Work With My Lawyer?

Private investigators should have no problem working with your lawyer. There may be situations where they need to exchange information. In the event you do not currently have a lawyer, then you should ask the PI if he or she can recommend one.

Are You Willing To Testify in Court If Necessary?

All private investigators should be willing to speak in court. It is a natural part of the job. If the investigator you are interviewing seems to have a problem with this, then that is an immediate red flag.

Can You Guarantee I Will Get the Results I Want?

It is important to go into this knowing you may not be satisfied with the results. A private investigator’s job is to discover the truth. Occasionally, the truth is not always what you were hoping for. A private investigator will be upfront with this and let you know what is possible with the case.

Now that you know what to ask when hiring a private investigator, it is time to set up a few interviews. With a little hard work, you will find the perfect PI for the job in no time. Beau Dietl & Associates has discreet and professional investigators that provide comprehensive results. Contact us today to learn more.