Ten Typical Lies a Cheater Will Tell

To begin with a cheater is most definitely a liar, there is no reason to believe that they are doing anything other than lying. When a cheater gets busted, they generally continue with this unhealthy habit and continue lying. Here are ten of the most common lies a cheater will often tell to the ones they are cheating on:

1. You Are Crazy!

So typically a cheater cheats, gets caught, lies about it and is that does not work, he will then proceed to call you crazy. This is an attempt at regaining control, do not fall for it, you saw what you saw, you know what you know and you are not the one that is crazy!

2. I am Hanging Out With The Guys

This is a very typical excuse a cheater uses, it is a difficult one because many men do like hanging out with the guys, however a cheater will use this one to have that time to see their lover and not be questioned about where they were.

3. She Is Just a Friend

Yeah…right, sure she is! This is kinda of a cruel one because there are men in relationships who have honest friendships with women, there are also the select few who are incapable of this and the woman they are seeing is definitely more than just a friend.

4. It Meant Nothing

This may be true for him, perhaps it was all about the attention or the sex however, it meant something to you and that is what really matters here.

5. She Was The One Asking For It

For starters, it takes two to tango, they are both to blame but taking the low road and pinning to on her, as if he had the guts to say no if it had been her idea is quite simply lame.

6. I Am Not Being Distant

There comes a point in which even the sneakiest of cheaters begins having a hard time balancing the double life they lead, at this point there will be obvious signs of them being distant, do not let him fool you, it does mean something.

7. I am Not In The Mood

Ok, yes there are things such as stress and anxiety that may cause a man to not want to be as intimate, however you will know what the difference is. A man simply saying I am not in the mood is generally hiding something.

8. I Did Not Cheat!

It is a typical staple of the cheater to deny, deny and then deny some more. They are usually master manipulators and will do whatever it takes to continue leading the life that they lead.

9. Technically It Was Not Cheating!

What does that even mean? That being said it is a lie that is often used by cheaters to excuse their unacceptable behavior.

10. But I Love You

This one is a cruel play on your feelings. They are hoping that all will be simply forgiven simply because they “love you.” But where was this love when they were with another woman?

These are just ten of the biggest lies that cheaters tend to tell. If one or worse yet more that one of these sounds familiar, you may want to consider who you are in a relationship with.