Choosing the right contractor for your security needs should be a serious decision with all the due diligence you would put into any other business investment. That’s true whether you’re hiring that contractor to protect you on behalf of your business or as a purely personal measure. For many who need that kind of protection, there is little distinction because the security concerns at work follow you home or while traveling.

Before you hire private security, it’s important to understand what makes them effective and how to weigh those factors that contribute to their effectiveness. It will help you choose the right contractor for the situation whether you need a team or a single personal security specialist.

Make sure you’re using properly trained and licensed security professionals and you will be able to focus on finding a best fit instead of being stuck on whether the professional is really, well, professional. Use these three handy tips to eliminate the obvious bad fits and under-qualified operators, then you can focus on interviewing the right candidates so you’re choosing from the best of the best.

Understand How Optics Work

Private security is not about what you do when someone acts aggressively, it’s about what you do to prevent that aggressive behavior from beginning. That prevention starts well before an incident, and if it’s handled expertly, it can defuse the factors that lead to an incident before they happen. Optics are a big part of that. When you’re looking to pick a security guard, especially an executive protection professional who will accompany you when you are working, you need to choose someone whose presence communicates their awareness of the space and control over it.

Many people think this means picking a physically intimidating and aggressive guard, and that tactic can work. It’s not the only way to go, though, or even the most effective. Private security that communicates a sense of overwhelming present-mindedness in the moment is often far more intimidating than sheer physical size. That means an alert, calm, and physically responsive security guard can sometimes communicate a bigger threat than a wall of muscle with a concealed carry permit.

Of course, if you can find someone who is huge, fast, calm, present, and looks like a threat even when they’re happy? That’s going to look like someone who isn’t worth trying. That’s the importance of optics, and it helps dissuade people from acting as they work themselves up psychologically. A heavy looking guard isn’t the only way to manipulate optics effectively, though.

Expert contractors will use their personal appearance to communicate visually, but they will also use their equipment, trajectory through spaces, and positioning relative to yourself. That helps create fewer paths for a potential attacker to take to bypass them, as well as fewer sight lines for a distance attack. This control over your exposure also communicates difficulty to a potential attacker, lowering the chance of an attack.

Check Out the Contractor’s Resume Thoroughly

You can’t always amass the expertise you need to assess someone’s work just by putting them through their paces, but you can rely on the judgment of the people who have that expertise. That’s what it means to check for training, certification, and education. As you look into different potential security companies you need to know what the guards are trained in and who passed them as experts in the use of those devices, arms, and martial techniques.

On top of training in physical security, it helps if you can rely on a fully trained professional mind, so it’s a good idea to hire people with licensed security specialist or private investigator businesses to run your strategy. Don’t just look at the number of certifications and awards, either. Check out the institutions granting them, as well as what they require to pass. That will tell you a lot about what a contractor can do when you’re seeking a security guard for hire.

Never Underestimate Psychological Compatibility

Your security contractor needs to have the best possible credentials and a good understanding of the ways their behavior and personal presentation communicate to observers, as well as the impact that has on their effectiveness. Those were listed first because they are essential, but so is psychological and communication compatibility.

What does that mean? Personality fit. If you are a person who needs to be told what to do so you can follow through, that’s going to work with one kind of approach to personal security. If you’re a very spontaneous and independent person who can’t be corralled into a set plan, that’s going to require an entirely different mindset and approach to your safety. Understanding the philosophical orientation and professional personality of each candidate is often the defining factor in the effectiveness of your choice of private security for hire. Make sure you find someone you feel good about working with.

Hire a Security Company

These tips on hiring a private security guard should help you pick out the perfect person for the job. You need to make sure that you screen these people carefully so that you know they are able to do their work well. If you are still searching for the perfect fit, contact Beau Dietl & Associates today.

Tips To Help You Hire A Private Security Guard
Article Name
Tips To Help You Hire A Private Security Guard
What do you need to know before you hire a private security guard? That is the question that you are going to have answered here. When you are ready to learn more about this kind of security guard you can read on and find out what you need to know. The security guard is going to have to have training. If they don't have any kind of training with hand-to-hand combat or with weapons, then you are not very safe if they are guarding your building or you. It really depends on what kind of guard work they're going to be doing for you, but they really need to know how to protect themselves and your property or you. Ask them what kind of training they have and if they are licensed to do this kind of work because you do not want to hire an amateur if you want to be safe at all times. Try to pick out someone that has a physique that actually makes them look intimidating. If they look like they are weak and that they can be overtaken by someone that is larger than them, then they are not going to keep you very safe. If you want the guard to be able to take on any number of attackers, then they need to be large enough in muscular enough to do so. There are, however, some people that look smaller and that can pack a punch so make sure you find out what kind of training they have done to make sure they are right for the job. Pricing is another thing you have to think about when you want to hire a guard. If this is private security that is going to follow you around all day long, then you are probably going to have to pay them a lot more than someone that just protects a building every night. You need to make sure that you are paying the person good enough money so that they care about the job. If they're getting paid very low, then they may turn a blind eye to some things that are going on because they don't feel like they get paid enough. These tips on hiring a private security guard should help you pick out the perfect person for the job. You need to make sure that you screen these people carefully so that you know they are able to do their work well.
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