Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Technology has advanced at such a rapid rate in the last several years that someone could be spying on your every move and you haven’t the slightest idea. This person may come in the form of a resentful spouse/partner, suspecting employer or even at times a double-dealing family member. Regardless of the reason, you have the right to know if someone is invading your privacy.

In an attempt to take matters into their own hands, people are spending alarming amounts of money to try and detect the various types of “bugs” that have been positioned in their businesses, homes, vehicles, boats etc. Eavesdropping devices come in countless different shapes and sizes and can be extremely unpredictable. Methods of spying are both visual and audial. Our bug detection services can be conducted on rooms, offices, entire buildings, phones, fax machines, office equipment, electrical wiring and outlets, ventilation systems, appliances, furnishings, ceilings, under floors, and virtually anywhere that listening devices or video surveillance systems may be hidden. We can also sweep for the presence of hidden Global Positioning Systems (GPS) that may be secretly installed to track the location of vehicles. One must be skilled and knowledgeable to the types of surveillance in order to successfully detect all methods. In most cases without proper training, devices prove impossible to trace. Unless one has specialized in identifying these observational devices, you can waste of time and money.

Here at Beau Dietl & Associates, our professionals are trained thoroughly in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) allowing us to competently protect ones privacy. We use exclusive equipment in addition to physical, electronic and visual investigation to detect any evidence of spying. Our investigators report all findings. If needed, we will examine further in an effort to produce who is responsible for any discovered surveillance invading your privacy.

In an effort to eliminate the error of detecting erroneous devices, we use a variety of different methods and processes to verify the use of surveillance equipment such as:

  • Spectrum Analyzer used for examining frequencies from the specified area. These are useful for detecting the difference between wireless signals such as cell phones, Wi Fi, house phones etc.
  • Wideband Receivers which are critical for detecting any low powered, smaller, portable devices that were not discovered during the Spectrum Analyzation.
  • Electrical Outlets are inspected to discover any carrier currents permitting one to listen through electrical lines.
  • A Non-Linear junction detector is used to recognize electrical devices whether powered on or off
  • Phone Wire Tap
  • Detection Vulnerability audits
  • TSCM surveys
  • Eavesdropping detection
  • SCIF Inspections Bug sweeps
  • In Place Monitoring (IPM)
  • Off Site RF Monitoring

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