Executive Protection

Escort Protective Services

Our Escort Protective Services team applies their previous law enforcement experience to personal protection. They accompany the subject whenever or wherever needed.

  • Government officials
  • Entertainment celebrities
  • Sports stars
  • High-profile people from business and industry

BDA and its teaming entities offer guard force protection, critical infrastructure, protection, vulnerability assessment, and incident response capabilities services to clients worldwide.

In addition, BDA and our strategic partners have a strong background in domestic and international military force protection and installation protection services. Veteran members of the BDA team have been trained by certified instructors of both elite US military and law enforcement agencies in advanced physical and personal security measures. BDA team members are among the most highly trained and professional security forces in the industry.

The BDA team works closely with our clients to develop appropriate dynamic security solutions, which contemplate multiple effect levels to provide cost effective and in-depth security and response measures. Over our 25 year history, BDA has provided such services worldwide to corporate entities, celebrities, various members of international royalty, movie production crews, and countless others.

Support for marital court proceedings, witness-protection situations, electronic sweeps and more is also available.