Polygraph and Fingerprinting

Assist you in Identifying Risks

BDA will provide polygraph services that can assist you in identifying risks before they are set into action. Polygraph testing is proven to be up to 98% accurate. BDA utilizes the latest technologies in polygraph and will provide accurate results and reduce any potential liabilities to your company.

Some examples that we would suggest the use of polygraph include:

  • Pre-Employment/Employment Screening
  • Employee Theft (EPPA) Testing
  • Special Events
  • Infidelity
  • Wrongly Accused / Unsubstantiated claims
  • False Accusations
  • Domestic Disputes
  • Criminal Testing
  • Personal Testing

BDA is committed to help our clients find the truth to all matters necessary.


Throughout the corporate environment it is becoming increasingly more important to understand the available investigative services a company like BDA can offer in the area of forensic science. Fingerprinting can often times be required when applying for government contracts, and we can help. Our trained technicians can come to your location to fingerprint employees or your employees can come to our office and we will assist them with all of your needs. In addition should you have any type of incident that requires fingerprints to be lifted, elimination prints taken or analysis of prints recovered we offer all of these services to our clients.