Security Services & Special Events

Security Services

Professional. Discreet. Comprehensive. Customer-focused security supported by a proactive and responsive team.

BDA is equipped to handle any range of client needs whether it is short or long-term services and whether the assignment requires fill-in or large team services.

Guard Services

Uniformed or plain clothes, they dress for the assignment’s requirements.
Our guards wear the clothing you feel is most appropriate for your company and for the assignment at hand; including, but not limited to a suit, military attire, blazer and slacks, or a more casual wardrobe.

Armed or unarmed guards meet your assignment’s requirements.
When the assignment calls for an armed presence, we provide licensed former law enforcement officers, all of whom can liaison with law enforcement agencies when appropriate. We can also provide licensed, trained, and highly experienced unarmed security professionals.

Reception and Concierge personnel are both security professionals and customer service specialists.
They are computer proficient, knowledgeable of lobby access systems and can expedite visitor entry in an organized, professional and stress-free manner.

Console Operations specialists monitor building traffic and operations on today’s complex systems.
These computer-proficient security professionals track multiple cameras to give you the full benefit of your sophisticated security systems. They also handle dispatch and response services within your site.

Mailroom Services specialists add another level of protection for your business.
Trained security professionals handle operations and screening to protect this key entry point. To further limit access to your site exclusively to approved visitors and personnel; they also act as internal messengers.

To ensure that our clients, as well as our guards, have appropriate support, senior managers are always on-call for immediate response when necessary. This is just one of the reasons we have long-term clients and a minimal turnover of our guards.

Rigorous pre-employment screening ensures utmost professionalism. It all springs from our focus on customer service with a security mindset.

Special Events

Our experienced former law enforcement professionals design, implement and staff the security for which your event demand.

We help ensure safety at both large and small gatherings.

  • Conventions
  • Media events
  • Entertainment events
  • Visits by dignitaries
  • Protests and marches
  • Corporate events