Jaclyn Dietl

Jaclyn Dietl is Chief Administrative Officer of Beau Dietl & Associates. She has been with BDA since 2006 and was appointed CAO in 2012.

Jaclyn believes that success is defined by what we do for others and this principal is fundamental in the security service industry.

In addition to managing the day-to-day operations of BDA, Jaclyn’s risk management background has allowed her to devise key strategies and formulate policies to ensure that the goals and objectives of BDA are met.

In 2006, she discovered and arranged the acquisition of BDA’s web domain, investigations.com, that has become synonymous with the BDA brand. She has headed and supervised BDA’s marketing efforts, affording BDA an outstanding web presence and notable industry standing.

Jaclyn Dietl is a licensed broker in both property & casualty and life & health insurance, working with some of the top brokerages in the world. With her extensive security background, risk mitigation in the form of insurance was a natural conduit that Jaclyn provides for the BDA organization.

Jaclyn received her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from SUNY Stony Brook University where she also assisted teaching.